Facilities Maintenance

Court Repair Services, Inc. is the answer for your facilities jobs.

As we have grown over the years, we’ve discovered that our collective knowledge and experience crosses over into areas of maintenance outside of the recreational surface industry.  We asked some of our customers what unmet needs they might have and some of the responses we have received include services such as  goal post realignment, sign post installation, permanent park fixture installation (ie. picnic tables, benches, etc.), expansion joint caulking, rubberized playground surface repair, and play surface painting.  

We are always researching ways to make our company more valuable to our customers, and we would be more than happy to provide quotes for any of these services as well as any other that you, your community, or your school may need.  Our promise is to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price, based on research, training, and experience, or to find one who can.