If you have a question about our services that we have not addressed on this page, we want to hear from you.  Please contact us and we will add your question and answer to this page for future customers.

Q: What is your crack repair process?

A:  We surface grind crack edges and bumps developed by heaving or build-up from previous fill as necessary.  We then fill the cracks as described below.

  • Standard Crack Repair – Cracks are filled to depth with a masonry/latex compound. Larger cracks may be pre-filled with a sand mixture to 1/2″ depth and capped with masonry compound, then painted and white lines replaced.
  • Solid Fill – Open cracks are filled to 1/2″ depth with solid concrete pre-fill, capped with latex-masonry compound, then painted and white lines replaced.  Typically advised for cracks in excess of 1″ in width.
  • Premium Solid Fill– Available upon request, for previously filled cracks wider than 4″, previous fill is removed to depth of crack, full cracks are then filled to 1/2″ depth with a solid concrete pre-fill, capped with latex-masonry compound, then painted and white lines replaced.

Q: What is the benefit of solid fill versus standard fill?

A:  For wider cracks, a solid fill will provide a more stable and longer lasting repair. When the crack re-opens, it will typically do so on only one side resulting in a narrower crack next season.

Q: Are all cracks included in the repair?

A:  Typically we fill all cracks to within 1’ of the inside of the fence or wall and greater than 4″ in length.  We will fill cracks at the base of the fence or around fence posts at the owners request but we find that these cracks quickly re-open due to movement of the fence.

Q: Besides cracking what other tennis court surface issues do you repair?

  • Surface patches – For areas of missing, low (birdbaths or swales), or deteriorated surface, we grind and/or power wash the surface to remove loose material, patch with masonry/latex compound , then paint and replace lines where necessary. A paint only option is available when the surface is only discolored or worn off.
  • Surface heaving/Bump removal – We remove court surface bumps, level with concrete as necessary, patch with masonry/latex compound , then paint and replace lines where necessary.
  • Ding repair – For courts with a few – approximately 1000 of these minor flaws, we will patch the majority of small dings or clay holes, including cracks less than 4″ in length.  We will usually recommend a resurface if there are more dings than is reasonable to repair due to the time consuming nature of such repairs.

Q: Do you build or resurface tennis courts?

A:  We provide resurfacing options that include any combination of the following steps as is necessary for a completed surface that meets your expectations as well as your budget:  crack repair, full surface power cleaning/sanding, a leveling course, one coat of textured acyrylic resurfacer, and two color coats (one textured and one un-textured finish coat).  Otherwise, we focus our efforts on providing the highest quality repair work available.  We will be pleased to provide a recommendation for projects requiring more extensive renovation or new construction.

Q: Do you charge for estimates?

A:  Our estimates are always free. We, as a company, however, are commited to minimizing our fuel usage and carbon emissions as well as fuel costs passed on to our customers. One way we do this is by combining inspections and repairs when we can. If we have inspected or repaired your courts within the last year, we will offer to send you a “per foot” estimate based on those previously taken measurements. The final cost will be based on the actual measurements taken at the time of repair.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. We carry full liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: Do you provide services in my area?

A: We provide services throughout Colorado and surrounding states but we will travel to wherever our services are needed. Please contact us with any questions.

Q: Do you provide any kind of warranty for your work?

A: Court Repair Services, Inc. warrants our running track repairs against all deficiencies and defects in materials and/or workmanship and agrees to satisfy same without cost to owner for a period of one year from the completion of the project.

The integrity of a tennis court repair is dependent on weather and ground conditions beyond our control.  For this reason we do not provide a warranty for tennis court repairs. Tennis court repairs will be noticable and visible due to irregularity of cracks and the weathering of existing surface. The patched area will not be perfectly level with the surrounding surface and can settle, heave, or re-crack at any time.