Tennis Courts

With over 300 days of sunshine and an average of around 57” of snow per year along the front range, 200” in some mountain areas, the seasons in our beautiful Rocky Mountain Region offer great opportunities for outdoor recreation throughout the year.  The weather here is never boring and while that is great for our sense of adventure, the rapid temperature swings in spring and fall, winter freeze-thaw cycles, ground moisture and movement, and even our beautiful vegetation can wreak havoc on recreational surfaces.

Tennis Court Crack and Surface Repair

Whatever concern you might have with your tennis court, whether it is a safety issue, interferes with court playability, or is aesthetic in nature; Court Repair Services, Inc. can address it for you.  We have been repairing tennis court cracks and other surface issues for over twenty years and our crews treat each court they work on with concern for both the safety and satisfaction of our customers in mind.  Quality workmanship is important to us and although we can control neither the weather nor the ground beneath our feet, we are always striving to extend the longevity of our repairs and the tennis seasons of our customers.

Other Tennis Court Services  

Beyond crack repair and surface patching, some of the other services we provide include line marking touch up and correction, multi-use court line striping (including Quickstart for 10+, Pickleball, and Basketball), net post and center anchor replacement and color and acrylic coat resurfacing.  Additionally we provide full service installation and replacement of windscreens, nets and other accessories.

General Tennis Court Maintenance

If your court is in good shape and general maintenance is what you’re looking for, we can help there too.  We offer seasonal court cleaning and maintenance services based on your schedule and budget. Within the court enclosure, we will blow off accumulated debris (ie. leaves, pine needles, etc.), dispose of trash, pull weeds and trim perimeter plant growth, waterbroom courts and roll-dri excess water, inspect court equipment and adjust as necessary, provide replacement estimate for accessories and/or court repair recommendations and estimate.

We also provide maintenance services for sand-dressed turf courts.  We will power wash court, remove and dispose of dirt and mildew packed sand, and dress in new silica base sand.